Mechanical Conceptual Engineering Made Easy
Sketch it. Solve it.

GrafiCalc® is groundbreaking software that enables users to “sketch & solve” a wide range of conceptual engineering challenges for mechanical products while making informed design decisions in real time.

That is possible, because GrafiCalc is driven by a game-changing graphical calculation engine that virtually eliminates tedious mathematical calculations from the mechanical design process. Plus, a breakthrough Goal Seek facility is available that helps users to automatically backsolve geometry to satisfy stated design goals using just four mouse-clicks.

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GrafiCalc can be used standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running any version of Windows.

GrafiCalc Key Benefits

  • Automate geometry-dependent calculations
  • Goal Seek geometry to develop specification-driven products
  • Validate linkage, mechanism, and machinery designs
  • Analyze tolerances and manufacturing process capabilities
  • Perform "what if" analysis of engineering options
  • Reuse and share Solutions

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